Applicant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions. If you still need assistance, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

We partner with Checkpoint ID, the leader in fraud prevention in multifamily housing. CheckpointID verifies all U.S. government-issued IDs with 2D and MRZ barcodes, and international IDs accepted by the U.S., such as passports, Canadian driver licenses, and Mexican driver licenses.

If you fail to provide one of the required forms of identification or your identification fails CheckpointID verification process your application will be denied.

We offer a chance to requalify your application with our partner OneApp Guarantee. If you are requalified through OneApp, you will pay a deposit equal to 2 months’ rent. You can find more information on OneApp at

The security deposit amount is determined based upon individual screening results. The deposit amounts are equal to one month’s rent for full pass applicants and 2 months’ rent for conditionally approved applicants. We offer a deposit alternative option through our third-party partner called Rhino. Through Rhino you purchase an insurance policy equivalent to the security deposit amount and that guarantees us coverage in the event of damages or loss of rent. Rhino allows you to make a low monthly premium or a lump sum payment for their coverage. On average the monthly premium with Rhino is under $20. You can read more about Rhino at
  • For employed applicants, we require the 2 most recent consecutive pay stubs. Offer letters are not acceptable.
  • For self-employed applicants, we collect a Schedule C or your most recent tax return.
  • For retirees, cash employees, or non-working applicants, we accept a Social Security/Disability Award letter, bank account statements, or income from retirement accounts. Income from award letters must meet our 3 times the rent requirement in order to qualify. Income from retirement accounts and/or bank statements must meet our 3 times the rent standard and cover the length of the lease term. Example: An applicant using a bank statement as proof of income must have $36,000 in their bank account if the rent is $1,000. This is three times the rent amount per month X 12 months.
  • All documentation is vetted through our partner Snappt. Snappt will determine the legitimacy of any documents before our team finalizes your application process. If Snappt deems your pay documents are edited or fraudulent your application will be denied.